• Grimme potato harvester/planters
  • Silage wagons
  • Tractor repairs and servicing
  • Cultivating maintence and repairs
  • PK bins
  • Calf trailers


We have a selection of parts in store here at Agserve, most parts are in stock, but any special parts can be made to suit.
  •  From Model M15-M250/Hose Trailers
  • Rotary boom spares for Model M15 – M250 (V frames/Boom pipes)
  • Mainline Parts (Gibaults/Tees/Risers/Hydrant Valves/Hose Ends)
  • Wire ropes (4mm-12mm)
  • Chains (2mm-20mm)
  • Hose Trailer Chains (3/4″ & 1″ Pitch)
  • Full back up of Total Oil
  • Safety Ropes (M100-M250)
  • Delayed Shut Offs
  • Hose Trailer Gearboxes
  • Quick Releases/Lift Bars
  • Gibaults
  • Hydrant valves/hose ends
  • Safety chains
  • Boom pipes
  • V frames
  • W/Rope
  • Gear boxes

Mainline repairs

With our new Agserve digger, we can assist you with the following:
  • New or repair work.
  • We can supply fittings including: Gibaults/Tees/Risers/Hydrant Valves/Hose Ends.
  • We also have a supply of PVC.

AGS 50 effluent Irrigator

Agserve have decided to produce an effluent irrigator that can be easily used as a small irrigator, if need be, to irrigate pivot corners or small paddocks. We have had a trial irrigator working on a farm for five months, which has been remarkably successful. Available to view if interested.  


  • Pivot servicing and repairs.
  • Pivot mechanical maintenance, and erecting.
  • Gear boxes and fence walkers.
  • Wheels and tyres.
  • Main guns and sprinklers.
  • Effluent irrigator repairs and maintenance.
  • Effluent fail safe devices available for installation.
  • Dismantle/move/erect rotary rainers.
  • Rotary boom irrigation/effluent spreader repairs and sales.
  • Bore pump lifting.
  • Riser columns.

General Engineering

  • Dairy shed/yard work.
  • Yard gates/ Top gates/ Backing gates.
  • Safety fencing around effluent ponds for compliance.
  • Trailer manufacturing and repairs.
  • Alloy/stainless welding.
  • Customize/build anything to your plans or requirements.
  • Heavy duty bale feeders.
  • Motors/drive units.
  • Vet stand repairs.